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Curtain Cleaning Reading RG1

Curtain Cleaning Reading RG1Chances are your curtains are an integral part of the interior design you have chosen, as such you would like to keep them looking clean and fresh as much as possible. Problem with curtains is that they are usually made of delicate, sensitive fabrics and materials which will not withstand conventional machine washing or other such aggressive cleaning methods.

The proper way to care and maintain your curtains clean and sanitised is to use our professional curtain cleaning service in Reading RG1. This might sound a little clichéd, but in fact our effective yet sparing cleaning techniques are the proven way to clean any type of curtain to a perfect finish without damaging or altering its fabric properties, dimensions, colour fastness etc.

Curtain Cleaning in Reading RG1Our advice as professional cleaners is to refrain from using machine and conventional cleaning methods on your curtains as these are more than likely to cause damage such as fading, tearing, discolouration etc.

On the other hand, our professional curtain cleaning in Reading RG1 is a service that is both safe and versatile, here is why:

  • Cleaning process suitable for all types of natural and synthetic fibre curtains;
  • Effective stain removal on all fabrics, this includes both organic and chemical staining;
  • No risk of damage or alteration, even to delicate curtain fabrics;
  • No need to take curtains off, cleaning equipment allows cleaning while curtains are hung;
  • Cleaning equipment used allows for effective cleaning of all size curtains;
  • All cleaning procedures take place on site, swiftly and efficiently.

Reading RG1 Curtain CleaningCustomers need to be aware that sunlight damage to the curtain i.e. fading and brittleness, is considered permanent, and cannot be reversed by professional cleaning methods.

Our curtain cleaning available in Reading RG1 is a technical cleaning process, performed by qualified cleaning technicians, equipped with professional grade equipment and materials. Depending on the type of curtain fabric and its state, the cleaners will choose one of two available methods:

  • Steam curtain cleaning – highly effective in stain removal, brings lasting hygiene to both sides of the curtain fabric, perfectly safe and nonchemical cleaning method;
  • Dry curtain cleaning – also known as restorative cleaning, uses very little water, usually reserved for really delicate fabrics, uses nontoxic cleaning solvents;

Both methods are very effective and will not damage or alter the curtain and its visual and physical properties in any way or form. Subjecting your curtains to professional cleaning on a regular basis will keep them looking better for longer thus prolong their life.

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