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Ironing Services Reading RG1

Ironing Services Reading RG1Some extra help around the house is always good, especially if you have the option to delegate tedious and time consuming chores like ironing to someone else. We know that most people view ironing as annoying, even frustrating chore and would be more than happy to not deal with it at all. More so, ironing requires a certain amount of skill and expertise as different garments and fabrics respond differently to ironing.

In light of this, we offer our domestic customers a specialised ironing service available in Reading RG1 as the better, more efficient and sensible alternative to spending half the weekend in ironing clothes. The ironing service in Reading RG1 will also surprise you with moderate service costs, and give you lots of versatility.

Ironing Services in Reading RG1So what makes our ironing in Reading RG1 such a good service solution? Well, a number of things really:

  • Convenience – all ironing takes place in the comfort of your own home, there is no need to take the clothing items elsewhere or wait for them to be returned to you;
  • Same quality results every time – in order to yield consistently good results all the time, we work with customer provided equipment;
  • No risk of damage to clothing and garments – our maids will be extra careful and attentive when ironing your items;
  • Efficiency – short service times, no unnecessary fussing about, we will be out of your way as soon as possible;

Reading RG1 Ironing ServicesExcellent results are made possible by working with specially qualified house maids who have the necessary practical skills and expertise to do the job right. Our professional house maids:

  • Are vetted and have passed all necessary police and security background checks;
  • Will arrive on the dot and commence work immediately in a diligent, unobtrusive fashion;
  • Present a valid company or picture ID upon arrival to your address;
  • Will follow diligently any additional or specific ironing requirements set forth;

For extra customer convenience, we also offer fixed schedule ironing available in Reading RG1 ­– the easy and affordable way to get out of ironing once and for all. The frequency and duration of the ironing visits will depend on your personal preferences and availability.

The service is available for booking under flexible hours, including evenings. Ironing is booked for all days of the week, including Sundays and public holidays. Cost wise, the service is adequately priced and won’t leave a dent in your household budget. All ironing will be completed within the agreed amount of time.

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