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Mattress Cleaning Reading RG1

Mattress Cleaning Reading RG1One of the biggest causes of diminishing bedroom air quality, as well as many skin rashes and irritations is poor mattress hygiene. Indeed, the mattress is one of those things that don’t seem to require any cleaning at all, but there is more to this bedroom story it than meets the eye.

A new mattress is free of any dust, dirt, bacteria, pathogens and irritants, both inside and out. In time though, with everyday use the average mattress will begin to accumulate great deals of these. This would normally show through clamminess of the top layer, that specific musky odour, changes of hue, itchy skin of people using the mattress etc.

Mattress Cleaning in Reading RG1Sometimes people are tempted to use conventional cleaning methods such as airing, sunning or certain superficial cleaning treatments. These however are quite ineffective, as many of the mattress hygiene issues are further down, beneath the top layer. Some of these issues are bacteria spores, insects and insect eggs (bedbugs too sometimes) which are unaffected by conventional cleaning treatments.

Our professional mattress cleaning in Reading RG1 is the solution to your problem. The mattress cleaning process is completely safe as it uses hardly any products. Instead we clean the mattress using professional grade steam cleaning systems allowing for complete eradication of all insects and bacteria on the top surface as well as under layers of the mattress. It is this specific layered structure and the dark, humid environment inside the mattress that allows for funguses and bacteria to thrive and multiply.

Reading RG1 Mattress CleaningThe mattress cleaning service in Reading RG1 is safe and suitable for all types of mattresses, and will not affect their appearance or comfort properties. Steam cleaning equipment is applied to top, sides and bottom of the mattress for consistent results. Use of specialised steam cleaning systems means organic and chemical stains have no chance. Hot steam penetrates deeper than any conventional cleaning treatments which means long lasting hygiene you can actually see and feel.

Our mattress cleaning available in Reading RG1 is very affordable and won’t be a problem for your budget. The entire cleaning process takes place onsite, which makes it quite efficient. The mattress will be dry enough to use in a few hours, though this depends on relative humidity and temperature inside the room. It is recommended to clean your mattresses professionally at least once every six months. The mattress cleaning service available in Reading RG1 is performed by specially qualified cleaning technicians.

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